About us

    Putaker is a full service metalworking solutions OEM and supplier of material customization, mold customization, sample making, production, packing, dispatching and after-sales service.
    Our main process: sheet metal stamping, bar bending, die casting, investment casting and forging.
    Applicable material : carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium (alloy), zinc alloy, copper,bronze,etc.
    Surface treatment: grinding, polishing, hot galvanizing, plating, powder coating, painting, passivating, anodizing, etc. 
    We produce a variety of products for customers like the metal hardware, fastener, building products, appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electrical motor parts, transmission mechanic parts, power accessories, lawn and garden industry parts and so on.
    We believe that our business has grown on basic principles, that is our commitment to provide honest, ethical, high quality and fair, competitive prices, as well as timely response to all of our business partners from all over the world.
    We stand ready to meet your most severe requirements on design, quality and production, and are looking forward to your further inquires.